Saturday, October 9, 2010


Rosinka is a gated expat community located just outside of Moscow in the village of Angolova.  There is a lake and a forest of trees on the west side. The townhouses are situated off winding streets and rolling hills.  There are a variety of trees and bushes that add to the beautiful landscape.  Consisting mostly of townhouses with varying sizes and floor plans there are also a few single dwelling homes that are quite nice.  The owner of Rosinka also lives here and has an incredible house and gated property by the lake.

The lake at the edge of Rosinka
Home of Rosinka's Owner

Rosinka also provides great amenities; a swimming pool, indoor/outdoor tennis courts, restaurant, weight room, bowling alley, mini-mart and security that make it a very safe place to be.  Many people don’t even lock their doors here and that is definitely not the case in other areas of Russia. 

There are a variety of nationalities represented here.  I have met people from Germany, Sweden, Venezuela, Argentina, Ireland, England, India, Canada, Iran, Ukraine, Finland, England and the United States.  There are also a number of Russians here and it is a common belief that most belong to the Russian Mafia.  It is also believed that because of this most if not all the houses are bugged.

There are also some walking trails in the forest that are frequented by walkers, runners and dogs.  In the winter time the trails make for a very popular cross country ski course.

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