Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our arrival...

Shaun and Megan on our flight.  We left our house at 6:00 am on August 25th, had a short layover at the JFK airport in New York and then flew straight to Moscow.  It was a 16 hour flight in total and we arrived at the Moscow airport at 10:00 am the next day.

A van and driver picked us up at the airport.  We barely fit with our 15 pieces of luggage.  A taxi driver asks Kristy if she needs a ride and Kristy responds with, "no gracias".  Don't you speak a foreign language when you're in a foreign country?

We arrived in Moscow to cloudy, overcast skies but pleasant temperatures.  On our way 'home' from the airport Shaun is surprised by all the tall, run down, or partially finished buildings and comments, "Russia is an upscale Tijuana, Mexico."

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  1. So happy you are sharing your experience! Miss you guys and hope you are wonderful!