Monday, October 11, 2010


Original entry to The Kremlin
Just two days after we arrived in Russia we took our first trip to the city center of Moscow where Red Square and the Kremlin are.  The buildings and streets in the center of Moscow are beautiful, impressive and very clean.  This is not the case without the city center.  The architecture of the buildings, bridges and street in and around Red Square is incredible.  The Square is next to the Moscow River which helps to make it all the more picturesque.  We took pictures in front of St. Basil’s cathedral, and at the front of the original entry that dates back to the 14th century.  We also watched the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and saw Lenin’s tomb.

"Goom" Mall
We also went to Goom mall a VERY upscale mall just off the Square. Shaun was enamored by all the ‘costly apparel'.  He also loved being in the city center where there is so much energy and where the apartments and other  buildings are better kept.  We saw lots of brides taking pictures at the square so it must be some kind of tradition, I’m not sure.  It was raining until we got to Red Square and then it was beautiful.  The experience made me anxious to understand the rich history of Russia and Red Square itself.  I look forward to taking a guided tour so that I can learn more.

Inside "Goom" Mall

Shaun & Megan on the
cobble streets of Red Square

After our sight seeing we went to our first Russian McDonalds.  It was very crowded and seems to be a popular hangout for young teens.  McDonalds is not a favorite of mine but it seriously tastes better in Russia than in the states.  Either that or it was simply a nice taste of home.  
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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